Our Engagement Party

I have only ever been to one engagement party before, so this area of wedding planning I was a little lost on! However we both were certain that this engagement needed a big party! As we are both from different areas (Me – Newcastle and Callum – Teesside) alot of our friends and some family hadn’t ever met before, so we thought it would be a brilliant excuse to get everyone together before the wedding itself.

Looking at venues – there are SO many to choose from for this type of party, but we had to think logistically about parking, accommodation near by for those travelling and again that pesky budget was on our minds too. We chose The Diamond in Ponteland as they have a private function room that was perfect for our numbers (called The Rock) – being near the airport it was great for our guests as we secured a group rate with the DoubleTree by Hilton for anyone who wanted to make a night of it.

I designed our invitations through an app called Canva (if you don’t already have this, download it! It will come in handy for invites, making signs for your wedding day or even thank you cards) and we gave our guests a few weeks to get back to us.

We then started to plan what was going to happen at the party – as we wanted to have the evening feel quite informal we went with just the essentials – food & music! I did contemplate some other entertainment but in the end I am pleased we didn’t as I think this might have been a little bit of a waste. We also kept the decor quite low key and minimal.

I was so nervous on the night as we waited for guests to arrive and had butterflies (possibly because it was actually sinking in that we were engaged!) but the party was a complete success – my Mum’s buffet spread being one of the highlights (ha!). All our friends and family mixed naturally and we found that they had already introduced themselves before we managed to do it for them. I don’t think I left the dancefloor after around 9pm due to the amazing Levi Sax DJ and we just had an absolute blast. We felt so loved and really so grateful that all of our friends and family made such an effort to celebrate our engagement. I think the simplicity of the party worked best and I would 100% advise any future couples to embrace this for your own parties.

Thank you to The Diamond, Chief Chalker, Levi Sax and Balloon-ilicious for helping us create the perfect party!

Our Chief Chalker welcome sign 🙂
My Bride Tribe! ❤️
Balloon-ilicious Arch – this made the room look amazing!

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