About Me

Well, I best introduce myself, my name is Victoria and I am now the “industry bride” – I have worked in the wedding wedding industry now for 10 years, which is scarily almost a third of my life!

I started my life in weddings just after I left sixth form, I had been working at Matfen Hall as a part time receptionist for nearly a year and I was naturally drawn to the weddings – I loved my small interactions with couples who were visiting the hall, checking in/out for their Big Day and it looked like so much fun – I was so intrigued to know more about this part of the business.

I soon started to pester the life out of the wedding coordinator, Lee (or Skippy to everyone at Matfen) luckily, she allowed me to start helping her with admin tasks and started to tell me more about her role – and I loved it, I knew this was what I wanted to do. Lee used to joke whenever she would go on holiday or for a few days off, saying to me as she left “I want my job mind when I come back”! After a few weeks of helping, I officially was offered an assistant role to Lee and I couldn’t have been happier!

5 months later and I was fully fledged (& alone!) – Skippy had left to go to another opportunity and had trained me up to take on the 20 odd weddings she left me with in August peak season – arrrgrhhhh! Luckily I survived that first month of wedding planning and have now just celebrated my 10th year at the Hall. Within this time I have worked my way up the ranks and I am now the Sales Manager for the Hotel, I have a team of 5 amazing gals and have planned around 2000 weddings/events.

I absolutely adore weddings and I love working with couples to help in organising their big day – I have learnt so much in my time, met so many amazing couples, made some really wonderful friends in the industry and now, its my turn to be the bride….I am so excited.